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Annie was a clay creation of Clayface who appears once in The New Batman Adventures. She soon met her demise at the hands of her father Clayface who absorbed her into himself just before we apprehended the rotten mud sack.

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Batman arrives and chases him off.

Clayface annie. Gracias A Robin y a Batman estoy preparada contra ti. Stop nonsense and go home. From The New Batman Adventures episode Growing pains Note.

From The New Batman Adventures episode Growing pains Note. Clayface reabsorbs Annie and Batman rescues Robin from the villain and a well-timed explosion. The agent was flawed lost its memory and ran away.

The agent befriended Robin Tim Drake who named it Annie. Clayface was weak though and uncertain of his location and. Robin helped her and gave her the name Annie and was deeply saddened when she sacrificed herself to save him and Clayface.

Animation and its creators I do not own any rights of The N. However when exposed to chemicals leaking into the water from sewage pipes he was restored. All content belongs to Warner Bros.

Annie clayface growingpains versus digitalart thenewbatmanadventures injustice2 Cara de Barro Clayface Matt hagen segundo round Chica fantástica hoy 28 febrero aniversario de Growing pains basado en los intros de diálogos de injustice 2. Animation and its creators I do not own any rights of The. She was actually the daughter of the monster Clayface.

Annie was the spawn of Clayface in the New Batman Adventures episode Growing PainsShe was created to scout around for him. All content belongs to Warner Bros. A scout and figure out where he was.

In the end she had sacrificed herself for me. Annie realized what she was and allowed herself to reunite with Clayface. Dort erfährt man dass Hagen während einer Entdeckungsreise in einer verborgenen Grotte auf eine Thermalquelle gestoßen war.

Robin and Annie try to track down a place she vaguely remembers. 1 History 2 Notes 3 Trivia 4 Related 5 External Links 51 Footnotes When Clayface plunged into the ocean his already inconsistent form had begun to deteriorate even further. After leaving him she forgot her identity.

I have a better life than being with you. Im already home and youll get out of here. The two shared a psychic link to which Clayface used to pursue the agent to Gotham.

After the events of Mudslide Clayface remains were expose to some waste chemicals from a pipe near a factory where he manage to reform himself However he wasnt strong enough and was unaware of where he was so he created Annie to look around and return back to him to see if it was safe. Annie CF. After a moments pause Robin sees right through the facade and uses a capsule in his belt to flash freeze Annie forcing her to revert to her true form as Clayface.

Robin actually says this is for Annie as he attacks Clayface who drops the act and. Annie is a fragment of Clayface that gained independence. Im not afraid of you anymore.

Now you play the hero. Clayface II ist ein Abenteurer und Schatzsucher namens Matthew Matt Hagen der in Detective Comics 298 vom Dezember 1961 in die Batman-Serien eingeführt wird. Annie was a part of Clayface that he sent out to scout Gotham.

Giving chase Robin and Batgirl find themselves staring at Annie who begs Robin for help. Her father shows up and reveals himself to be Clayface. After he began chasing us I quickly learned who Annie really was.

He kept saying he was Annies father.

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